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Hi, ny name is clarice marion I've been waiting since july 2017 for a respond on my water my bill has gotten erraneous this is a water that's has an error, i have no leaks been living here 12 years.My water bill went from 122$ to 2,768.78 within 5 months ive always paid 60.00$ for my water bill o dont have a job alk the bills on my husband ive been sick gor the last 3 years and my husband paids the waterbill his bill been,waiting right here for a City Worker but they never show up.

Im sick ,my GRANDMOTHER is sick,she bedwritten at 92,husband suffers from Ptsd,diabetes. IM SICK REALLY BAD BACK PROBLEMS..

please contact me concerning this matter.281-445-6153 Mr&Mrs.Marion

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Houston Water Department - Water Deposit Not Refunded

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I paid a $100 deposit to have my water cut on in my name at a residence that I was renting.Upon leaving that residence I requested a cut-off date of 10/01.

Yes, the water was cut off, but a refund was not given. After 3 weeks I called and was told it will take no longer than 8 weeks. I accepted their time line and waited. After the 8 weeks I called again and was given another 4-6 weeks due to system issues.

I have called every two week and now I'm nearing the new year and they have no answer as to why I haven't received my refund. They claim it was mailed out, but nothing has been received. They even told me it will take another 5 weeks to investigate if the check has been cashed. if not, I will then be contacted about them issuing another check, which will take an additional 3 weeks.

I intend to launch a complain, a report with the best business bureau and then a law suit.Yes, for $100 and they fail to pay out properly.

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $100. This person is overall dissatisfied with Houston Water Department. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Houston Water Department - High water bill

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My property has been vacant for 5 years and I am ready to use the property and opened an water account in October 2015 and now I am getting a bill that is over $2,000.00 and the water company say it is nothing they can do.First of all they have the wrong address on the account, no one seems to care.

Second, I get a letter in 2010 that the account that was under my mom name is going to be closed because I could not have an account under a deceased person name and my last payment was sent back to me. Now in 2016 the water company is telling me that the account was not closed and I am responsible for the usage. They are also telling me that they are doing me a favor because they are not billing me for the whole time. City of Houston Water please understand the word, favor before you use it.

You are not doing anything for me. I have never had an account with them, the building was vacant and water was suppose to be off. WOW, and you say I am responsible because it was my property and I should have known.

You knew it was usage and high usage from a property with no account and you didn't do anything.Who is responsible?

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of solution. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of city of houston water department billing department and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2700. Houston Water Department needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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Houston Water Department - Underground water leak

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The City came out and worked on my neighbors water meter, later that month a underground leak started they said I had to pay for it, I called a plumber, they charged me huge money to dig to find the leak, then they took pictures where the city of Houston had upgraded to new plastic pipes on the city side and didn't seal the pipes so it would leak and cost me big money that I don't have. they have come around my house before digging and cut down all the trees I had planted so peoples couldn't see over here, I am a single man so last year I went to a one of the thousand strip clubs, the strippers that i never saw before said I am not going to save him, I left that alone. let him die.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of water leak repairs and associated monetary loss in the amount of $600. Houston Water Department needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Houston Water Department - BAD SERVICE!!!

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HRRIBLE CITY OF HOUSTON SERVICE broken meter!!!IN atter of months my bill went from approx.

$40/mth to the next being $300+, followed by another that was $400. I was given excuse after excuse on why my usage was sooo high but come to know their meter is damaged. I am looking into legal matters. my water was turned off for 6 months and I finally got enough to get it back on that totaled $950.00.

I then was told they was going to do an investigation once it was reconnected which took them 4 months to replace the broken as their so called investigation took place. so I was told to expect a credit due and DO NOT pay on any other incoming bills, so of course knowing that my usage cost had totaled approximately 2 years of cost i waited on my credit, never got it!!! my bll is now $1663.00 due to me waiting on my credit I paid $950 plus now they state I dont have a credit due. This complaint could go on and on but all with this said we as customers need to do something about this come together and follow through with an higher source outside that can help us.

I know of 5 more customers that Have and still are dealing with this same matter. I now have been disconnected again and this time its been since July. I have been hauling 5gal bottles everyday just to get by.

I have to por water in my toilet to flush, Heat water on the stove top for bathing, wash dishes and cook with 2.5 gal containers, and last but not least due to the weather changing I have no heat why they cannot turn the gas on without having the water on which the gas controls my heating for the home, then if a fire breaks out I have no water to put out the flame.this has to be unsafe.PLEASE SOMEONE HELP WITH INFORMATION!!!!

Review about: Water Bill.

I didn't like: Management.

Houston Water Department - Water Bill of $1850.78

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September 2012, Public Works began replacing water lines in my subdivision. On December 21st, I received a generic letter stating that I have a “constant flow”. A few days later, I received a bill for $945.28.

I contacted Public Works who filed an erroneous report. After not hearing from anyone, I contacted the Mayor’s office. They forwarded my complaint to the PW spokesperson, Joanne Papajohn. She took eight days to finally contact me. Her position is Customer Service, but the only option she ever offered was to run an hourly report. When she forwarded this report to me, she stated that she was “baffled” because there were days where no water passed through the meter. Meanwhile, I also forwarded to her a plumber’s invoice that stated the leak was not on our side. She disregarded this report.

Despite the fact that Ms. Papajohn has never been out to my property, she stated on four different occasions that it was either my swimming pool, automatic sprinkler or someone was siphoning the water. I repeatedly said this is not the case. Besides this hourly report, she failed to provide any solutions. I had to research about flow meter tests, water bench tests, administrative investigation and administrative hearing on my own. These options were never presented to me by her.

I requested an administrative hearing and had to wait seven weeks for this hearing. I had to have the Mayor’s office and my Councilperson’s office intervene on my behalf.

We arranged a water bench test and received a new meter. Since this new meter, our consumption has been between 140-330 gallons per day. If I had had a leak, my consumption would not have gone down.

Throughout this whole process, Ms. Papajohn has sent me legal correspondence with the wrong dates, year, phone numbers and salutation. I have four copies of the legal correspondence that state that my administrative hearing is scheduled March 23rd when it occurred on March 28th. As slow as PW operates, I find it difficult that the outcome of my administrative hearing was determined on March 28th. I received numerous legal documents with the outcome of this hearing that were all dated February 21st.

PW requires now that I pay sixty percent of this bill -- $1100.00. This amount is not feasible because it does include the charges for the water bench test, the administrative hearing and current charges. I need assistance to negotiate a payment plan that is more favorable.

Review about: Water Bill.

Houston Water Department - I have received an erroneous water bill and the City is refusing to provide me any relief

Houston, Texas 2 comments
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On Thursday this February my neighbor called and said there was a small amount of water bubbling up near the City water meter.I called the City to let them know that there was a small water leak.

Next day coming home from work to find that my water supply had been disconnected. When I called the City the told me that the leak was on my property and I needed to have it fix. On Monday the plumber fixed the broken pipe without difficulty because the ground was dry. At the end of February I received the water bill totaling $9,087.78 and the bill stated that I had used 719,000 gallons of water.

requested an administrative hearing.I attended the hearing on June 20, 2012 but was not granted any relief.

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Whenever you discover a leak at the meter call 311 and get a ref# report back to utility cust svc along with if pvt side or city side leak.Once repairs are made depending if city side leak cust svc rep can issue service request for research for city repairs, cust needs to submit lk adj app with ref# noted on the form.

Cust will be quoted portion to pay, lk adj only covers 50% of the excess.

Coh will allow customers mthly avg plus 50% for the customers portion.If pvt lk cust must make repairs and may apply for leak adj and will be resp for avg mthly and 50% of the excess.

Houston, Texas, United States #923640

It's because they don't give a ***.

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